Friday, February 26, 2010

Sparetime prints/stickers

So, Rachel taught me how to use illustrator (sort of) last week so I got excited and made these films to silkscreen from. I also stole stickers from the post office, spray painted them and silkscreened on them. The stickers did not turn out that well because of the way think ink sticks funny to the plastic-y surface. I will be making more soonnnn! In two other colors! Let me know if you want one, Christina when I get around to making your book a sticker will be coming with it! The first print is on nice printmaking paper, I like the way it came out waaaay better. so crisp!

In other news I am totally overwhelmed, I have to finish transfer apps, write two essays, make 4 items of clothing, draw for hometests, ugh! Sorry that I have barely started this blog and am already neglecting...I'll be back! as Ahrnold sez.

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