Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Christina and Lena are studying and I am on Spring Break.

I went to the MoMA and saw this piece called Collective Subconscious by Yin Xiuzhen. It was a huge minivan. The Neto piece they had was not that great, but I guess I am not the hugest fan of Neto. Though the William Kentridge exhibit was pretty great, his piece Ubu and the Procession has inspired me for my next 3-d fabrication project, which I will post about when I've finished/started it.

Also, I am free til sunday! cause i'm on sprang break! Christina and Lena are studying for their midterms and I am distracting them. Lena thinks my Mulan bun is dumb, but I really like it.

Lena's mom made cute origamis and yesterday Sophie and I hung out. I took the bus from portland to south station in boston, then the amtrak from boston to Penn station. WHAT A MAZE, it was impossible to surface and took me forever to find the exit.

Then I met up with Sophie at her professor, Wafaa Bilal's, performance piece. He was receiving 100,000 dots as a tattoo as a representation of all the soldiers and civilians that have died in the Iraqi war. After every 100 dots, the artist made a tally in his notebook.

I just ate a huge slice of pizza from Koronets and i'm so sleepy. BUT I WANT TO PLAY! wheeeee! Tomorrow Christina and I are going shopping, at some point I'm going to see my very best friend Michaella, and then I will go home and see my parents, then go back to Portland and have a critique on Wednesday. I am exhausted just thinking about it!

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