Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Quick post before class. It is reallll awful out today! YUCK. i want to be in bed with my fuzzy blanket watching 30 rock and eating chili and hanging out with chilli from TLC.
Here is a picture of a huge strawberry!
Here is a picture of a garbage can in freeport!
Here is a nice outfit I wore the other day, when it was nice, and took a picture of to show christina! because she is really who i am trying to impress, who am i kidding?

MESSY ROOM. look how you can see my brazieres in the background.
ugh i'm sneezy and i want a bowl of soup. Updates with projects soooon.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Holly Miranda

I don't care that her new album is totally overproduced. still want to make out with her. Reminds me of this summer. Also! Am working on some new songs!

Christina and Lena are studying and I am on Spring Break.

I went to the MoMA and saw this piece called Collective Subconscious by Yin Xiuzhen. It was a huge minivan. The Neto piece they had was not that great, but I guess I am not the hugest fan of Neto. Though the William Kentridge exhibit was pretty great, his piece Ubu and the Procession has inspired me for my next 3-d fabrication project, which I will post about when I've finished/started it.

Also, I am free til sunday! cause i'm on sprang break! Christina and Lena are studying for their midterms and I am distracting them. Lena thinks my Mulan bun is dumb, but I really like it.

Lena's mom made cute origamis and yesterday Sophie and I hung out. I took the bus from portland to south station in boston, then the amtrak from boston to Penn station. WHAT A MAZE, it was impossible to surface and took me forever to find the exit.

Then I met up with Sophie at her professor, Wafaa Bilal's, performance piece. He was receiving 100,000 dots as a tattoo as a representation of all the soldiers and civilians that have died in the Iraqi war. After every 100 dots, the artist made a tally in his notebook.

I just ate a huge slice of pizza from Koronets and i'm so sleepy. BUT I WANT TO PLAY! wheeeee! Tomorrow Christina and I are going shopping, at some point I'm going to see my very best friend Michaella, and then I will go home and see my parents, then go back to Portland and have a critique on Wednesday. I am exhausted just thinking about it!