Friday, February 12, 2010

Things in my backpack

here is some funny paper i nabbed from d wolfe's recycling, i was using it as a book cover but it fell off cause it was too weak!
here is my student id, not in my backpack, in my pocket, but i uploaded it just cause this picture is tooo funny.
here is something i took off of another book to put on my altered book.
here is a sticker my friend made. shhh.
here is a counting book i made at david wolfe's studio, this is 6 and 7
here is a book i made from an envelope i stole out of david wolfe's recycling

i would scan some sketches, but i left my moleskine at home! does anyone want a book? i will send you a blank book with a nice note made out of an altered cover, they can be like 20-30 pages probably, if you want to make tradesies! or just if i like you. doo doo doo.

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